Monday, February 20, 2012

One in a Flash

Ryan turned one on February 11.  My dad was out of town for work, so we had his party last night. Here are pictures of the party. The theme was "One in a Flash."  I felt like this past year has been the fastest of my life. It seems impossible to me that Ryan is so big. I remember vividly bringing him home from the hospital. How can he be 1 already? So, I found this theme described my feelings towards Ryan's birthday perfectly.

Ryan is such an adventurous little boy.  He has grown so fast and I just can't keep up with him. Crawling at 6 months, walking at 9 months, climbing at 12 months on everything. He is a mover and has to be do doing something with his hands (especially using them to drive cars around the house going vvvvrrrrmmmm). He MUST feed himself- no negotiations -and it always resorts in a bath after each meal. He is in the 95% for head, weight, and length. He adores his brother and loves to wrestle, tackle, and sit on Hunter daily. Funny thing is, Ryan thinks that wrestling, tackling, and sitting on someone is the only way to interact with other kid/babies. We are still working on that, little girls don't always find that to be endearing.  Ryan loves to give kisses and loves for me to hold him when he doesn't feel like running around. However, he does not like to cuddle when is tired. He wants to be put right to bed. He has 9 teeth- 7 in the front and 2 molars. He has the cutest curly hair and has had 5 haircuts so far. His favorite words are "mom, dad, yay, amen, bite, hello, hi, dance, ni ni (ni-night), down, up, yes" and for two days straight he said "Hunta" for Hunter and then he hasn't said it since.  Ryan is a joy and I can't imagine life with out him.  It is a blessing to be his mom.