Friday, February 18, 2011

Introducing: Ryan McGuire Voorhees

     I know that it has been forever since I have posted and a lot has gone on since November.  I may do a catch up post of Christmas and other events, but right now I want to get Ryan's story recorded while it is still pretty fresh.
      Chuck's company was going to switch our medical insurance to a new policy on January 1, 2011.  This made us happy as it was a better policy than the one we had.  January 1st came and his company said they were going to be switching insurance on February 1st instead.  This made me nervous because our baby was due February 17th and I did not want to go into labor early and have insurance problems.
     At 35 weeks, I went in for my appointment and had to do the test for Strep B.  My doctor decided to go ahead and check me since I had been having contractions that week.  I was already 3 centimeters dilated.  I told my Dr. that my insurance was going to change in 18 days and I really needed to wait until then to have this baby so we didn't have to pay double deductibles.  He put me on bed rest and I had regular contractions everyday/all day.

     Here I am on February 1st at 37 Weeks. I had my first pregnancy emotional breakdown the day before when Chuck's work decided to switch insurances (again) and go with a completely new policy.  They had no information as to a plan for us, but it was supposedly supposed to start on Feb. 1st as promised.  I was stressed! Feb. 1st came and I had my Dr.'s appointment. My doctor was impressed I had not had this baby yet. Amazingly, I was only 3 and a half cm dilated after 18 days of straight contractions (prayers were answered!) and he stripped my membranes.  I immediately went to a 4 and the contractions were coming stronger.  As this was my first day off of bed rest I had some last minute errands I wanted to run before the baby came.  My doctor didn't think I would make it through my errands before I needed to head to the hospital. 
     I did finish my errands and my contractions were strong and coming 2 to 3 minutes apart.  I finally headed to the hospital around 4 and was on observation.  Because I was under 39 weeks, I had to be able to progress on my own without the help of having my water broken or using pitocin.  After being at the hospital for several hours, I was still a 4, despite my contractions.  They sent me home. After that, I asked my Dr. if I would even know when to go the hospital again because my contractions are always that close together and hard.  He told me he would rather I go to the hospital every night for 3 weeks than to have my baby at home with my husband delivering him. =)
     I had an appointment a week later on a Tuesday (38 weeks and 5 days) and I was still a 4 and still having contractions.  My doctor stripped my membranes some more and sent me home telling me that if I didn't have this baby before Friday, he would admit me to the hospital and break my water because I would officially be 39 weeks.  Nothing much happened Tuesday besides the usual contractions.  I didn't feel that great and I started cramping, but I didn't feel like anything was happening.  Wednesday I just cramped and my contractions slowed.  Thursday came and I was still cramping.  I started having hard contractions less than 2 to 3 minutes apart around 3 in the afternoon.  I went about my afternoon as normal and by 6pm I decided to take a bath because my little baby was so low and in my pinched nerves that my back was killing me.  By 10 pm I decided we had better head to the hospital.  My contractions felt the same as they had for a month, but I was cramping, and my nerve pain was bad.  I figured that if my body wasn't progressing, I didn't think my doctor would send me home because I was 39 weeks and he was planning of admitting me in the morning.
     We got to the hospital around 10:30 and I was a 5.  An hour later I was a 6.  I got an epidural at 2am and it was so nice to not have to feel that awful nerve pain.  My contraction hadn't bothered me, but my tail bone was starting to swell and the baby's head kept pushing into my pinched nerve.  I was nervous about the epidural because my epidural with Hunter didn't work, but the anesthesiologist listened about my nerve problems and put in my epidural a little higher, so that hopefully I wouldn't have any problems.  It worked wonderfully!
     I slept from 2:30 to 4:30am when my dr. came to break my water.  By 5am I was a 7.  I slept until they checked me at about 7am and I was still a 7.  So, I went back to sleep.  At 9am they woke me up and I was complete! They began prepping the room and I was trying to wake up! I started pushing at 9:30 and Ryan was born at 9:57am on Friday, February 11, 2011.  After a month of labor at home, I think the Lord gave me a break and let me sleep through most of my labor at the hospital. I was never uncomfortable (besides the nerve pain, which completely went away after the epidural) at all through that night.
    When Ryan was born my doctor found out that I had a Velamentous Cord Insertion, which is a complication with the baby's umbilical cord and the placenta.  This happens in 1% of single pregnancies.  Normally, the veins of the baby run from the middle of the placenta via the umbilical cord to the baby. Velamentous insertion means that the veins, unprotected by Wharton's jelly, traverse the membranes before they come together into the umbilical cord. The 3 veins were hanging on by a thread to the placenta, each in a different place, and could have ruptured at any time during my pregnancy resulting in a stillborn baby.  With how insanely active Ryan was in the womb, I feel it a great blessing to have been on bed rest, so that the chances of the umbilical cord veins rupturing were slightly diminished.  My doctor agreed that it truly was a tender mercy from the Lord that little Ryan is here with us today.

Ryan was no small child! .7 of an ounce away from being 10 lbs and he was 23 inches long! They had to do an episiotomy to ensure that we could get this big guy out!  As with Hunter, I also hemorrhaged, which I supposed will likely happen with each pregnancy.  At least this time I didn't lose as much blood and felt like I wasn't going to pass out, which is good. I felt so good after delivering Ryan.  There was a night and day difference with my delivery with Hunter and Ryan.

      Here is our first family picture.  I looked drugged up from all the meds that were helping me with my tailbone and nerve problems.  Not to mention I just gave birth to practically a 10 pounder!

     Hunter loved meeting his baby brother and kept asking to give him kisses.  He only wanted to hold Ryan for a second, but would keep coming back to hug and kiss him.

     Here is Hunter with Ryan at home.  Hunter loves to check on his baby brother and loves to hold him.  Every time he gets to hold him, he hugs and kisses him and sings him songs.  It is so precious! Ryan loves it and had the biggest grin when Hunter was singing him, "I am a child of God."  It has been a challenge adjusting to having two kids at home.  Ryan is so big he eats like crazy.  It takes an hour to just nurse him and change his diaper, which is an hour of Hunter running around the house doing whatever for attention.  I am so grateful my mom has been here all week to help.  I am worn out, but so thankful for my two handsome boys.  I am getting a better hang of things now that Ryan is on a more established schedule.
     Being a mother is such an amazing experience.  It is hard work, but so rewarding.  I am in awe of these precious spirits that Heavenly Father allows us stewardship over.  The other day I was thinking about High School and how I was voted "Most Likely to Succeed."  Yes, I did get a college degree, but I am not in the work force, nor do I have a career.  As I was thinking about my "success" that has been accomplished since leaving home, there is nothing I am more proud of than being a mother.  So, even though in the world's eyes, or maybe even in the eyes of my high school peers, being a mother may not seem like an accomplishment or as rewarding as being successful outside the home, I am grateful the Lord allows me to see and be aware of the success that is happening on the inside of my home and that raising a family is the most successful/rewarding thing I can do.