Monday, March 15, 2010

Scott's Wedding

My brother in law Scott got married on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was snowing and raining like crazy! We had a great time and are so thrilled for Scott and Tiffany to be married. I just love Tiffany and I am so happy that she is joining the family. It was a beatuiful ceremony and I love the Mt. Timpanogos temple. It was fun to think back about my own marriage and the festivities that go on with weddings.

This isn't the best taken picture, but Hunter loves to bust out his dance moves.

I love my boys and it was fun to get dressed up as a family! I can't get over how handsome my little guy is and how BIG he is getting! He needs to stop growing!


Lindsay said...

Stace, you look beautiful. I love Hunter's suit!

Teresa said...

You are one hot mama! Yay for getting a sister!

Jonathan and Marissa said...

Stace, you look absolutely stunning!!! I love your family!! Hey...I might be in Utah next weekend...If so, might I come and stay at your house? I'll call you with more details. Love ya!

Carolyn said...

You guys look great! You are such a cute family.