Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Hunter!

2,555 diapers
2,190 bottles
96 cases of formula
18,250 kisses
607 latenight feedings
6 teeth
3 houses
12,775 smiles
and a gazillion "I love you's" later
This little sweet baby
grew into this handsome little boy

(taking his first steps)
Happy 1st Birthday Hunter!

For your information, Big "H" keeps living up to his nickname:
1 year stats:
29 lbs. 99%
32 3/4 inches 95%

And here are the festivities...

We had a small party at our house with Hunter's close family
My lovely mother who was a great help!

This is the rag quilt a made for Hunter's birthday
We decided to take a quick picture and then took off on a walk before the party

Hunter loves his presents!

And his cake... even though he hardly ate any of it.
Spoiled boy!
I can't believe my little guy is 1 year and walking. Time goes too quickly! I love being his mom and I sure love those handsome smiles that melt my heart!


Justin and Coralie said...

Happy Birthday, Hunter! Cute quilt!

Lindsay said...

Your curtains look fantastic Stace! And way to go on the quilt!!!

Kami said...

What a cute boy! Your house is cute, too!

Kristin said...

aw happy birthday Hunter! That quilt is adorable. really. and I have GOT to get over there to see your house! I'm drooling over what I can see in the pictures. sheesh.

Katie said...

Happy birthday Hunter! You have such a cute family.

Lindsay said...

Oh and such a small world! Leslie and Matt Brown are in our ward out here in Denver. She is Chuck's cousin...craziness!

Carolyn said...

He is so adorable! I wish we could get together and let our kids play! I hope you're doing well.