Monday, June 29, 2009

Nauvoo Trip

Here is Hunter on his first airplane ride. He did well, but it was hard to keep him occupied.
One of our first stops was Liberty Jail in Missouri
Far West, Missouri
A turtle we found on the side of the road
Chuck's family at Adam-ondi-Ohmen
The three of us

Hunter was teething about 1/3 of the trip. Poor guy! He broke his first tooth the night we got home and then his second tooth came a couple days later.

The Nauvoo Temple! I love this temple!

The Red Brick Store in Nauvoo

The Mississippi River

The Mansion House in Nauvoo

Joseph Smith's Office in the Red Brick Store

Joseph Smith showing Brigham Young the way west

A cute picture of my boy when he wasn't teething!

Joseph, Hyrum, and Emma's Grave

The first duplex in Nauvoo. This was actually a funny story because the families who lived there each had a ton of kids and the town wondered way in the world they would live next to each other since it would be so crazy and noisy with the children.

We were waiting for a wagon ride

One of my favorite buildings. It was the Seventies Hall. This is thought of as the first MTC.

Those who were called on missions would meet inside and get trained. I thought it was an awesome building.

A statue of Joseph and Hyrum in front of Carthage Jail

This is the room that Joseph and Hyrum were attacked in.
Joseph fell out the window on the left.

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Janna, Will, and Grace said...

Hey, we went to Nauvoo in June. My grandparents were there on a mission. I wonder if they did any of your tours?