Monday, June 29, 2009

50th Wedding Anniversary

I am finally catching up on all the activties that have gone on this summer. In May we went to Arizona for my Grandma and Papa Hansen's 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was a great trip and Hunter was amazing! We drove in the car atleast 22 hours the whole trip and I think he only cried about 15-20 minutes the whole time. I am blessed to have such a happy and content baby!

Here is Chuck and Hunter getting ready to go swimming at my Uncle Myron's house near Pheonix.
Hunter fell asleep in the pool. He actually tried to eat the plastic toy on the floaty while he was asleep too. It was so funny!

My Grandma and Papa Hansen. Happy Anniversary!

Here is the Hansen Family minus Hunter who was taking a nap.

Hunter and Lincoln watching Baby Einstein. Hunter LOVES Baby Einstein!

Hunter with his Great Grandparents

In Flagstaff we took Hunter to see his Great Grandpa and Grandma McGuire. It was also Memorial Day so we needed to go. They haven't finished my Grandma McGuire's info on the headstone though.

The Mesa Temple

Our little family at the temple. It was a great trip!

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Lindsay said...

Great pictures. They need to get cracking on Grandma's information. It's kind of cool to see Hunter at their grave-their legacy is continuing! :)