Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We are home!

We were able to leave the hospital yesterday. I was checked out around 1:00 pm, but Hunter had to stay and finish getting so light therapy for his jaundice. They did a blood test to check his biliruben levels and he was able to go home with us around 5:00 pm!
Here he is in his little car seat
Tody we had to take him back to the hospital to get his biliruben checked again. He levels were higher than yesterday, so they ordered "bili lights" for us to use on him at home.

We don't get to spend our time holding him any more. He has to be in this box as much as possible. We take him back to the hospital for more jaundice testing tomorrow morning.


woodsfam said...

Congratulations! He is so cute, my little Haylee had jaundice and had to have the light belt. Hope he gets better:)

Hannah LaRue said...

he is adorable!

Chris and Megan Lee said...

Stacie! My little brother had the same thing and they gave us a "bili-blanket" that we wrapped him in. He looked like a little glow worm, but we were able to hold him and things like that. I don't know if those are still around (this was in 1998) but it may be worth looking into so you can hold and play with him! Congrats!!!