Friday, October 3, 2008

Still Awake...

I can't sleep... again. :) This is becoming a nightly ritual for me. Sleep is becoming increasingly uncomfortable as this pregnancy progresses. I also didn't sleep well before pregnancy, so this is nothing new to me. I try to stay up until I am completely exhausted. Most nights I make it to 2am. I find that I don't wake up as much during the night if I'm BEYOND TIRED when I go to bed. To keep myself occupied I read, watch a movie, play with Photoshop, look at baby clothes online, etc. I read 5 books in one week and am now waiting for the 6th book to come out in the series. Once I finally go to bed, it is amazing how many times I have to get up to go to the bathroom or find my tums to take care of my heartburn. Then, you wake up again when your hips go numb and you have to rotate from side to side. By the time 8am rolls around I am SOOOO exhausted. I stay in bed and sleep while Chuck gets up and gets ready for work. He kisses me goodbye and I sleep some more. Also, our bedroom has this huge window that faces our neighbors houses. 2 of our neighbors love to sleep with their porch lights on all night long. This drives me crazy! It makes my room so bright! What is the point of leaving your house light on all night? They have no kids and I know they aren't waiting up for anyone.

As for Hunter... his head has dropped and he is in position. I find this quite uncomfortable because he is still such an active baby that he hits into my pelvic bone and my back- leaving me with this constant pain down low. 19 more days, right? We are all registered at the hospital and are visiting the doctor each week. I love how my Dr. says, "If your water breaks, you start bleeding, or experiencing a lot of pain go to the hospital. If not, I'll see you next week." I can't help but wish that he will come early, which I know is unlikely- especially with your first baby.

We finished our pre-natal classes tonight. They were really informative and Chuck really liked them, which was good. I enjoyed the fact that Chuck got to learn about all the things I've spent so much time reading about these last 9 months. It is funny that you can say all these interesting facts to him about pregnancy and he won't remember them at all, but when he learns them in a class and from a nurse they sink in so much better. :)

Another random note- I've watched Ironman at least 4 times this week with different people each time, and I've also watched the Emma Smith movie, Nancy Drew, and Baby Mama. Such a random week.

I think I'm done ranting now. I hope you all have pleasant dreams.


Katie said...

Almost there!! You can do it!

About the diaper genie--I do have one, I have the Diaper Genie 2. I like it--keeps the smells in pretty good. The refills aren't too expensive and seem to last. It comes with one, and we bought 2 extra and are still using the 3rd one. So I'd say maybe one liner carton a month-ish? And Luke has LOTS of diapers--like 10 to 12 in a 24hr period.

Good Luck with that last stretch!! I hope everything goes well and the way you'd like it to go with L&D!

Kristin said...

o hang in there Stacie!!! You can do it! :) Good luck!

Justin and Coralie said...

Hang in there! The end is not so fun... waiting is not so fun, but it's worth it. Enjoy your upcoming baby and I hope you can get some sleep! :)

Steph and Troy said...

You are almost done. I remember that last little bit it lasted forever!!! I can't wait until little Hunter is here it will be so much fun when Eli and Hunter finally get to meet. Hope you can try to relax alittle bit before he gets here but I know that is easier said than done!

Ryan & Amanda said...

Good luck, hang in there!