Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bath Time

Hunter had his first bath today. He didn't like it too much. He cried the whole time, but in the end, he can't deny that it feels so good to be nice and clean!

Hunter loves to sleep with his hands in his face. I gave him this little giraffe/blanket thing to hold on to. He snuggled with it the whole time! Check out his hair after it dried from his bath. =)


lindzandrob said...

Cute! Sadie cried for her first bath too...but now she loves bath time! Looks like he is doing great!

Justin and Coralie said...

Stacie -

You have such a handsome boy! What a beautiful baby! :) Aren't they so fun?

Mr. Walker said...

Handsome chap indeed! Way to go Stacie and Chuck. He even has a little tan from the light therapy. Grooming him to make a good missionary to California or Hawaii someday. :)

Katie said...

Stacie- I fell in love with your adorable little boy the first time I saw him! Seeing his hair made me want to cuddle him again. Please give him a kiss for me and send my love! :)