Thursday, October 9, 2008


The last few months Chuck and I have had a lot of visitors. By "visitors" I mean crickets, spiders, and potato bugs. Yesterday when Chuck and I got home from helping our neighbors get ready to move, Chuck thought he saw a cricket on the stairs. We couldn't find it anywhere! Chuck ended up going to bed and I stayed up to watch a movie. It was about 2:15 am and I felt this tickle on my head. I felt the top of my head and my hair, but I couldn't feel anything. I continued to watch the movie and then I felt a tickle again. I touched the top of my head and I see this black thing fall onto my pillow. The cricket found its way onto my head! I had to knock it off my pillow to kill it. It was sooo gross! I ended up waking Chuck up to tell him all about the cricket that found a home in my hair. Sick!! This morning I saw another cricket by the couch and when I went to kill it, it jumped under my couch and I couldn't get it. When Chuck got home from work I made him move all the couches in the living room to see if we could find it. No luck. I have a cricket living somewhere in my house now. I am sick of these "visitors." They are no longer welcome!


Lindsay & Mackay said...

Oh my gosh! That would seriously freak me out. You're brave to go after it to kill it!

Chris and Megan Lee said...

See...we have GECKOS...which is absolutely disgusting and creepy... I feel your pain.