Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend Away

Last weekend I headed up to Logan with my mom and mother-in-law. For Mother's Day I bought all of us tickets to attend Time Out for Women, a conference that is hosted by Deseret Book. There were many amazing speakers and performers: James L. Ferrell, Jenny Oaks Baker, Kenneth Cope, Mary Ellen Edmunds, Merrilee Boyack, Sharon G. Larson, Camille Fronk Olson, and Amanda Dickson. The whole conference was based upon the theme: "A Joyful Life: great delight or happiness caused by a life that is exceptionally good or satisfying." It was an awesome conference and a fun weekend!

The highlight for me, however, was being able to meet my favorite LDS author of all time- Mary Ellen Edmunds. Here is a picture of her!

She was so sweet, caring, and insanely funny. She was greeting all the women and came up to my little group. She even gave me a hug! Her talk was incredible. It was about being a peacemaker and finding joy instead of being bogged down with guilt and contention. I reccomend reading anything she has written. Her personality spills onto the page. It was so great to actually meet her in person!

I definitely want to attend Time Out for Women again. They are hosting another conference in Ogden in the Spring and then in St. George in the Fall. It was a great experience!

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vanwoerkomhe said...

Stacie - I was at TOFW in Logan too! It was fantastic! I was there working/volunteering with my niece, a DB employee in CA in the summer, and I bagged as she cashiered for DB. I wish I had seen you! MEE is my favorite too and a good friend of mine. LOVE her! Gosh, I wish I had seen you there! Oh well, another day! Hope all is well. Love ya!