Friday, September 19, 2008

Tagged... months ago.

It was June when Katie Brown tagged me. I told myself that it would be fun to post it when I got a camera. The day has finally come... Here is how the tag works- take pictures of the following things without straightening them up or prepping them in order to capture real life around your household. The point is to see how these things/items/people exist in real life.

1. The Fridge/Freezer

There isn't too much stuff in here and the food/milk that is in the fridge is pretty much "fat free." That is what happens when you get a "non functioning" gall bladder during pregnancy. I look forward to the days of eating real food again.

Here is the freezer. Is it really necessary to have 3 loaves of bread in there? No. It is not. Every time I go to the store I forget that I have PLENTY of bread. Oh well.
2. The Kitchen Sink
Chuck and I always do the dishes after we eat dinner, which makes my job during the day really easy. I empty the dishwasher and do the dishes out of boredom in the morning if there is any. That is what happens when you don't have a job and and your little guy hasn't shown up yet.
3. Your Laundry Pile
I am really good about doing the laundry, but not so good about folding it. This where you will see it most days. =)
4. The Toilet
Um, nothing special. Here it is!
5. A Closet
This is the "Harry Potter" Closet. It starts out as a coat closet and wraps around under the stairs and ends up opening as a little cupboard. It reminds me of Harry Potter and the little cupboard under the stairs he lived in at his aunt's house. In order for there to be a place for baby Hunter, we had to clean out the 2nd bedroom we had and move everything into this closet. Also, all of my teaching bins and supplies are in this closet. I am AMAZED that it all fits in there!
6. Favorite Room
This is the little corner in Hunter's room that is called "The Office." It is where my husband can work from home. I like to spend time here during the day working on my Photoshop class and spending time on the computer. I think it makes me feel like a teacher/student again.
7. Favorite Pair of Shoes
Personally, I don't like shoes. I hate shopping for them and I would prefer to be barefoot. I feel strongly about this because it is hard to find a cute pair of shoes that you like when your feet are as large as skis! (size 11-12) However, since I have to pick a pair it would be these lovely Chacco sandals that I have had since I was in high school. They rock and the still fit my feet which are beginning to swell.
8. Self-Portrait
I am going to cheat. This picture was actually taken yesterday when I was at my mom's house looking at her garden. I think you see a mutual theme here: "growth."
9. What your kids are doing
Hunter specialized in Karate. He practices many hours a day, especially when I am trying to sleep. If you don't believe me, you can watch my lovely belly from the outside and see for yourself. He will show off his talents for anyone who is willing to watch.
10. Vacation Spot
Ever since I took an Art History class one spring semester at BYU, I decided I wanted to go to France to see La Sainte Chapelle. I think the stained glass would be breathtaking.
I now tag Bethany Broderick, Lindsay Moore, Katie Lewis, and anyone else who would like to do this!


Chad and Bekah said...

Stace- You look so cute pregnant! I love it...

Justin and Coralie said...

I love your belly! You're such a cute pregnant lady!

Lindsay & Mackay said...

:) Cute tag! Especially the part of Hunter specializing in Karate!