Friday, September 19, 2008

Hunter's Room

Poor Hunter. He has to share his room with Dad's office. At least he has some pretty cool things!

Here is his crib. There are little storage boxes underneath.

This is his crib blanket and bumper.

This is his little clothes hamper.

This is my chair I got on sale at RC Willey. It is soooooo soft!

Here is his dresser. It has to go in the closet becasue there is no room for it anywhere else.

Here is the changing table and other storage bins.

Those who know me know of my love for argyle... especially argyle socks. Here is my favorite outfit for when Hunter is 3-6 mos. old.


Lindsay & Mackay said...

So adorable! It looks like you're all ready :)Now all you have left to do is play the waiting game, right?

Ashley Rowbury said...

I love this outfit. It can be hard to find really cute boy clothes, but this is adorable!!

Hannah LaRue said...

i love the baby items! so cute!!!

Justin and Coralie said...

What a cute nursery! I'm so excited for your upcoming arrival! I hope you are feeling well :)