Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary... a little early!

Yes, our anniversary is August 3rd, but that is a Sunday and I go to Girl's Camp the 5th-8th. We had a free weekend and Chuck has been working super hard, so we decided to celebrate early! Friday we took off to Salt Lake and enjoyed a fabulous dinner at The Roof located in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was a delicious meal with a beautiful (sunny) view of the temple. Next, we decided we wanted to take pictures. No, I have not bought a camera yet. We borrowed on from Chuck's parents. :) Hence the fact I am actually making a post on this blog because I have pictures to go with it! Anyway, we had the camera set with the timer and Chuck was trying to set it on a ledge with flowers so it would take our picture. A security guard came over and asked Chuck not to "mess with the flowers." It was pretty funny. We explained what we were trying to do and the security guard took our picture for us.

Can you believe this is my first real "pregnancy" picture! I'm less than a week away from my 3rd trimester!

This is Chuck wishing he looked as good pregnant as I do. :)

Then we spent the evening in the Treasure Island room at the Anniversary Inn. It was a blast! I think everyone should get to experience a night in the Anniversary Inn during their lifetime.

Saturday (today) we checked out of our room and went to the Salt Lake Temple to do a session. It was a great get a way. We are also going to celebrate our anniversary with Brian Reagan tickets on August 13th at Thanksgiving Point. It is so nice to celebrate special occasions! :)

I love you, Chuck! Happy Anniversary!


The Oliphants said...

super cute dress stacie! i'm glad you and chuck enjoyed your getaway. can't wait to see you for the baby shower! :)

Lauren Maley said...

how cute are you! Happy Anniversary love!

The Moores said...

How fun!! And yay for anniversaries and being pregnant! I'm bummed-we're going to see Brian Regan on the 14th. Oh well.

lindzandrob said...

Can't believe it has been a year already! Sheesh...time flies. Looks like you guys had a great time!