Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Here are some pictures from the class photo shoot I did today. We are making an ABC book and needed something for the cover. I thought they were cute, but I'm partial because I love my class. Also in exciting news, Chuck and I are going to spend Conference Weekend in Cedar City with Marissa. I'm super excited!
This is my class!

This is Melanie.

and Kelton

And Laren

And of course, what good is a camera without a goofy shot?!


Katie said...

So fun! Love your blog template, it's a-dorable!

Braden & Kerri Jex said...

I love it. So cute! 2nd graders are definitely my favorite.

Adam and Bethany said...

I recognize that frog in the background on the bulletin board! I might have helped you cut it out for all I know. I'm glad I discovered your blog!!! Now I'll feel more informed about what's going on in your life. Have a super spiffy day!