Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blog... Isn't it about time?

So, I created this blog a couple of months ago. I guess it is about time I get this thing up and running. I hope that Chuck and I will actually start using our camera so I can put some pictures on here. I figure this is a great way for us to start documenting our life together. There isn't much going on for the two of us except a busy few weeks that are soon to come. Chuck and I are going to Georgia for a week to visit my brother Troy and his wife Stephanie in mid April. When we get back it will be time for graduation, weddings, and family fun. A few weeks after that Chuck's brother Russell returns from his mission, both of our brothers graduate from high school, and then the school year ends! I am so looking forward to summer vacation! I love teaching, but I am ready for a break. I am dying to read a book for enjoyment in place of research based books on Professional Learning Communities and Small Group Literature. I love reading everybody's blogs and keeping up to date. Hopefully this will help us keep in touch with our family and friends.